I believe in Santa Claus

The question comes up frequently at our house, “Do you believe?”

And each time, I whisper, “I believe!”

I believe in Santa ClausYou see, when children live in an atmosphere of belief, they come to understand the value of believing in something bigger than themselves. They believe, for instance, in the vast reality of Nature, the wonder and miracle of an earth created for their benefit. They believe, in God.

You might ask, how faith in a fictional character can generate belief in a God so mighty and powerful that he created the earth… And I would tell you, that when you can find the power within your heart to believe in the magical, security of the gift that comes with believing in the Christmas Spirit, you can believe in anything. Anything that comes with the joy of knowing God and the abundance of his love for you.

Take a chance this season.

Open up your heart and believe in something greater than yourself. Just trust. Open your arms, your heart, and your life to the option of trusting, simply because it’s okay, to trust.

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