Cowboy Evangelist – Jack Martin

A tribute from Cassie Ann

For my Uncle Jack and Aunt Carolyn ♥️

He sits on the edge of his bed and pulls his boots up over his pants,
He’s amazed at how easily he’s able to use his hands,
He ties his neck rag as he has a thousand times before,
And notices that his tremors are no more,
His wranglers are starched and ironed to a tee,
His long sleeve shirt crisp and wrinkle free,
With a twinge of loss he remembers those precious hands,
That so loving cared for him and saw to his every need and demand,
How she carried his children and washed his clothes,
And now sits in a chair by his bed in sleeps peaceful throws,
He hates to leave her but knows the choice is not his,
He sends a small prayer up that God will comfort her and their kids,
He prays they know how much love he will forever carry for them,
And how he already longs for the day they will all be together again,
He stands up with no grunts or groans,
And realizes how much he missed being able to do that on his own,
The first step forward is easier than it’s been in a long time,
before cancer stole his strength and invaded his mind,
He is almost to the door when he stops and looks back,
And sees the shell that was once his body…go very still and slack,
And at that very moment he sees a vibrant and stunning light,
And a peace that surpasses all understanding replaces all the fright,
He sees a man reaching out his hand to come with him,
But he pauses briefly because he doesn’t want to leave them,
The daughter of his heart that taught him how to be a father,
The daughter of his body who whose spirit did not falter,
His precious son who was so much like him,
And the woman he would forever love with no end,
Then he sees a light and hears a gentle command,
It’s time cowboy to join me in the promise land,
There are cows to tend and your Dad needs a hand,
You’ve done well here son, your harvest has been many,
And the legacy you’ve left behind will continue for infinity,
The cowboy realized he was looking into the eyes of his Savior,
And though his body lay still and broken his soul was free and did not waiver,
So the cowboy put on his hat and tipped it one last time,
And headed to the heavens to work his Heavenly Father’s fence line ♥️

by Cassie Ann
October 24, 2017